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Event Hosting

Soca lovers trust that an event hosted by SocaSaySo will feature the best Soca, be full of good vibes and will be well attended. Her enthusiasm and ability to work a mic and engage a crowd will be an incredible addition to your event. 

SocaSaySo is known for drawing in a crowd in unique and interactive ways.

 From small gatherings to large festivals, SocaSaySo can make your event memorable! 

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From sexy, to fun, to serious voices, SocaSaySo always delivers a professional sound.  SocaSaySo will use her formal acting training, and experience as a promotional voice over talent to provide exciting sound for your event!  She can even perform your copy in a range of accents including, American (different regions), British, Southern and Caribbean dialects. 

With access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, SocaSaySo can deliver ready to use voice overs via high quality digital files.




Promote your event

Choose SocaSaySo to advertise your event and market directly to your audience.  

Your target audience can receive the following from this trusted source:

  • Social media posts prior to event 

  • Repost of promoter generated content

  • SocaSaySo generated content

  • Video ad featuring Jamila

  • Social media posts during an event 

  •  Live on Instagram or Facebook during the event

 Promo Package

Create a promo package of 1 or more of the following:

  • 1-minute promo video

  • 30 second promo video

  • Picture posts twice per week 

  • Voice over

  • Event host

  • Event appearance 

  • Costume model 

 Promote your song

Have that next big hit and looking for a way to make sure everyone knows it? Hire SocaSaySo to promote your song. Soca lovers look to SocaSaySo to find the hot new tunes. Some of the Soca lovers are major Soca DJs and radio personalities around the world. 

Song promotion options

  • Social media post with artist image and song artwork set to song

  • Repost of song video

  • Feature on Tune Tuesday

  • Addition to curated SocasSaySo playlists