Style is what YOU say it is! Soca is a music for dancing but you may be taking a small chip, whining whole night or running up and down de place. You may be on a beach, in a club, a backyard, or on a boat. You may be with your partner, your crew, your family or rolling solo. Outside could run from a hot tropical climate to frigid snowy air but that big fete nah missing you! Each scenario calls for a slight adjustment to your outfit.

 I'll show you what I would wear and why I chose the outfit. You add your spice to the info and you'll be ready for any big, fat, fete!



Soca is therapy for the soul and the body.

Soca can lead you to the bottom of a rum bottle or help you elevate your soul and your physique.  Let's work to creating our best selves! 

 Listening to Soca music has been said to relieve stress. Check out the Stress Reliever playlist here and leh go yuh worries! 


As soon as you decide to go to a carnival, make sure your next decision is how you'll work on your physical conditioning. I'm not talking about getting skinny to fit into a costume because you can look great on the road at any size. I'm talking about making sure you have the stamina to make it down the full route while whining on everything in sight.


Going to a Soca fete is akin to going to the gym, only you want to be fit before you go to the fete. You have to be able to dance to slow groovy tunes that make you squat low in a slow motion that will test your knees, hips and hamstrings.  The power tunes might make you feel to run up and down and take your waistline movement up to turbo speed. You will definitely test your calves when you bounce to the beat. So, heed my advice and workout before you try to wukup in a fete.



I'm on a quest to find good Caribbean food.

Contact SocaSaySo if you have a restaurant or food delivery service that serves Caribbean cuisine.