The greatness of Soca must be publicized
— SocaSaySo
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About SocaSaySo

SocaSaySo was formed out of frustration that the greatness of Soca music was not being recognized on a global scale. Our founder wanted an answer to the ever-echoing question, “why hasn’t Soca crossed over?” We believe that Soca artists have worked to market individual songs but the genre needs a marketing push.  We will use this and every platform possible to spread the word about how great this music genre is and highlight the talented players in the industry. In order to help Soca grow we will delve into its history, feature current key players, and promote the artists of the future video blogs, pictures and interviews to immerse you in the world of Soca. We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit SocaSaySo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

SocaSaySo... The Soca Standard!

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